An original work of art is one of the most personal ways to celebrate

the people, places and moments of our lives.  A commissioned painting or drawing can communicate what words often can not, and serves as a lasting, visual reminder of those most special memories.


It's important and helpful for me to have an understanding of the subject I am painting.  Clients often share stories of loved ones and experiences that ultimately help guide my decision-making process, adding that extra touch of emotion and humanity that separates a picture from a work of art.


In order to create a piece for you, I will need a single photograph of the person or image you would like painted or drawn.  Photographs must be the property of the client.  Copyrighted photos are not acceptable without the written consent of the photographer.


Some images are better than others.  The more you are able to share with me, the more likely we will be able to find one that will translate as a work of art.  Images must be high quality and resolution.  I can only recreate what I can clearly see.


Commissioned pieces are quoted on a case by case basis.  Every painting is different, every drawing unique.  The main factors that determine price are complexity and size.


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